Herbal Conversations

With great fondness for the place that I live, I practice bioregional herbalism, utilizing local medicinal plants to improve the quality of life and reduce suffering.  I view my relationship with clients as a partnership; together we utilize my education and experience, along with the client’s circumstances and intuition to identify realistic goals and helpful tools.

I offer consultations primarily for:

  • bacterial, viral, & fungal infection care
  • wound care
  • digestive imbalances
  • chronic pain
  • menstrual discomfort and irregularities
  • pregnancy, miscarriage, labor, and postpartum support
  • sleep disturbances
  • anxiety & depression

If you are wondering about a situation that is not listed here, feel free to ask. 


I am doing most consultations over the phone these days, as I live way out in the boonies. Though if you live in my area, it’d be great to meet face to face. 


I offer consults on a limited basis and it is not my livelihood, so I am happy to offer my time for FREE, seriously!  The greatest compensation is to keep me updated with your health journey, as feedback is an important part of my continuing education. Occasionally clients want to share financial support for my practice. If this is the case, I would suggest a sliding scale donation of $0-$60. 

What to expect

BeautyberryMy approach to herbal consultations is fairly casual, with hopes that it need not feel intimidating. The conversation can take from 20-90 minutes. We will discuss the client’s symptoms, lifestyle, and health history. The client does not need to share any information they do not want to. I might share my recommendations immediately, or take a day or two to gather my thoughts.

My suggestions will center around herbal formulas. I may also recommend dietary changes and lifestyle considerations. If it is appropriate, I might direct the client to other healing modalities or allopathic care. I hope these consultations are a source of empowerment for my clients; that they may leave with conducive tools for self-care.

Please share any significant western medical diagnosis and lab reports, along with any pharmaceuticals or supplements you are taking. Feel free to include a trusted family member or friend if you’d like some extra support.

*All information shared is considered strictly confidential.

Herbal Medicine

When working with clients, I usually direct them towards medicine sources that will be easy for them to access continually. This can include learning to make one’s own medicine or buying it online or at the store. Sourcing from my apothecary is usually a last resort, as I am not trying to make clients dependent on me for their medicine.

If you are looking to get some difficult-to-find herbs (without a consult) from my apothecary, feel free to send me an email.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify me ASAP, at least 24 hours in advance. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are interested in scheduling a conversation, please send me a message through our contact form with the following information:

  • Primary health concerns you are hoping to address
  • List of all medications that you are currently taking

I will reply with my availability, and we can schedule from there. Please note, I do this on a limited basis, so it may be a week or two until there is a time that works for us. If you have a more timely health situation, please make that clear and I will do my best to talk with you soon.

[Standard disclaimer: As an herbalist, I do not diagnose or cure illness. Nor do I prescribe medication. I educate on the traditional use of herbs to help bring the body back into balance.]

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