Case Study of a Hand Laceration

My friend Kristen Prosen got a pretty gnarly cut at the base of her thumb while carving a wooden spoon. I was able to check in with her throughout the healing journey, and it has been a pretty successful case of using herbs in wound care. When she came to us at the FL Earthskills first aid station immediately after the knife hit her hand, the cut was…
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Botany as Therapy

The following is an excerpt from my newly updated Zine #3: “Botany in a Handout”, which can be freely accessed and downloaded on the Educational Resources page.   To interact with a study as a therapy is to say that it has healing effects on the psyche.  To me, botany is much more than a study that appeases my curiosity; it is a practice that soothes my…
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Little First Aid Kit

First aid kits can come in all shapes and sizes. Creating kits for different settings has become an unintentional hobby; I have a home kit, car kit, camping kit, foot care kit, birthing kit, menstruation kit, animal kit, trauma kit, a daily kit, and even an “extras” kit (a kit from which I can restock all other kits!). All of these are constantly transforming and evolving when…
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Field Guides for Central FL

The other day I was driving with a friend, got a little lost, and pulled out an atlas to re-orient myself.  My companion was shocked, “You know how to use that?!”  In this age of techno-overload, we are losing some very basic skills, like reading a map.  Our dependence on the internet is robbing us of our instinctual awareness and problem-solving skills.  Though I am only approaching…
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Dosa and Uttapam; my staple food

I was recently asked how I eat healthy in the midst of a busy schedule.  I have been “blessed” with a weaker digestive system, so if I don’t stay on track with food that is appropriate for me, I feel it.  Thus, I have fairly high motivation for keeping my food consumption in check. Some tools I find helpful include planning ahead and batch cooking (preparing food…
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Herb Choir 2017

Here’s a video of our song at this year’s Fl Herb Conference. We sang “Deep in the Forest”. This year’s choir includes Emily Ruff, Marc Williams, Thomas Easley, Guido Mase, and myself.
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