Case Study: Dog Bit by Snake

After enjoying a refreshing dip in the cool creek on a hot summer day, my little family of three hiked back up the mountain to our home. While making our way through tall grass, the inevitable happened: my dog, Zygo, was bit by a Copperhead.
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2019 Menstrual Cycle Moon Calendar

Here is a calendar for charting your menstrual cycle along with the moon: How to use: The calendar is on a 28 day cycle, which is why the days of the month overlap.  Upon the first day of your cycle (the day your begin bleeding), circle that day and draw a line to cover all the days you bleed. If you know when you ovulate, circle that…
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Home Birth with Becky

During my last year in Orlando, I had the joy of working as a birth assistant for Becky Erichsen, the midwife behind Sweet Baby Midwifery. The role of a birth assistant is to support the midwife (as opposed to a doula, who supports the person giving birth). This job fell into my lap, and was not something I had ever considered until a friend presented it as…
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Orlando Foot Care & First Aid Station

During the handful of years that I lived in Orlando, I facilitated a weekly first aid station in downtown Orlando, alongside a Food Not Bombs serving. The station offered free foot care, wound care, herbal tea, and health consults for the houseless community that came to eat breakfast. This was a fairly simple set-up that was easy for me, as an individual, to sustain, so I want…
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Case Study of a Hand Laceration

My friend Kristen Prosen got a pretty gnarly cut at the base of her thumb while carving a wooden spoon. I was able to check in with her throughout the healing journey, and it has been a pretty successful case of using herbs in wound care. When she came to us at the FL Earthskills first aid station immediately after the knife hit her hand, the cut was…
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