2019 Menstrual Cycle Moon Calendar

Here is a calendar for charting your menstrual cycle along with the moon:

How to use:

The calendar is on a 28 day cycle, which is why the days of the month overlap.  Upon the first day of your cycle (the day your begin bleeding), circle that day and draw a line to cover all the days you bleed.

If you know when you ovulate, circle that day in a different color.  Some people feel ovulatory pain or bleeding, but if not, this can be determined with further charting of fertility signs.

The comment section can be personalized to your own needs.  I use it to keep track of PMS symptoms, such as cramping and mood shifts.  I create columns of these symptoms and mark the presence of the symptom with an X.  A larger X indicates severe symptoms, while a smaller x indicates mild symptoms.

Click to view this example calendar for a full picture.

I find this calendar useful for noticing patterns over the year, and I enjoy comparing my cycle with the moon cycle.

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